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More Personalization

There is nothing standard about the plans we prepare for your wellness program. Beginning with a thorough initial evaluation, followed by regular progress reviews, we tailor your program to you and your wellness goals.

More Choices

We employ a team of healing experts from several specialties to serve you during every step of your healing process as you need them. Our integrated approach to holistic wellness ensures that every need you have is addressed.

More Caring

Feel at home, amongst friends, as you release stress in our inviting environment. Be free to exchange stories, sip a drink, or just enjoy the smiles surrounding you.

Living Well Balanced

About us

We are dedicated to treating you as a whole being - not just a body part!

We are your go-to holistic-based experts—a growing team of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers who specialize in positive energy, total healing, and Pain Management – from top to bottom. We want to introduce you to our unique approach: we’re big-picture providers who want to lead you through a life of continuing fulfillment, not a one-off realignment of a single body part. Other practices only look at bits and pieces of a person’s health. We look at more, and we put together everything by examining how every aspect of your being links together, from eating to thinking to exercising to outlook.


Our Services

Our entire team of health experts works to manage and maintain your spinal health. Our Chiropractors make sure any misalignment is adjusted while our Physical Therapists work on strengthening your muscles and joints to support quicker healing. Personal Trainers and Nutritionists at Living Well Balanced work to keep your body in optimum shape while therapeutic Massage Therapists maximize soft tissue healing. We realize that healing is not just physical, it is spiritual.

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