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Taking the stairs can burn additional calories throughout your day.

Some days you don’t have the energy to do a full workout, and that’s perfectly normal. Rest days are essential to any fitness journey. When you don’t have time or aren’t feeling up to working out, you can continue to move your body and build your strength with minimal effort. It’s easier to do than you may think. Here are some tips to help you work your muscles and improve your fitness, even when you don’t feel like moving.

1.    Fit it into your busy schedule

One of the main reasons people forgo their workout is because they can’t find time in their schedule to go to the gym. When you factor in travel time, changing into workout clothes, and taking a shower after your workout, all that time can add up when you have a work deadline or family event.

For those days when you can’t get away, try to find ways to fit movement into your routine. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator can engage your glutes and core and help you build endurance. Walking to your destination or riding a bike instead of driving can raise your circulation and improve heart health. Instead of sitting and watching television, try a resting squat to improve your hip flexibility. Any way you can substitute a task with a more active option can improve your overall fitness and endurance in the long term, making it easier to get back into the gym when you find the time.

2.    Upgrade your office

Working an office job can mean spending most of your time at a desk. There are some simple changes that you can make to your office to help you stay active when you’re hard at work. Try swapping your standard office chair for a ball chair to help engage your core and strengthen your back and legs. You can use all that time at your desk to supplement your back workouts and find more gains when you make it to the gym.

Similarly, standing desks have become a popular way to maximize your office time and stay active. You can continue to burn more calories per hour at a standing desk than you would while sitting. Standing also prevents your hip muscles from tightening during the workday. For those who want to take it a step further, try getting a treadmill desk so you can walk and work simultaneously, fitting in your daily cardio.

3.    Learn something new

Working out can also be a great way to exercise your mental capabilities. One great way to stay interested in working out is to learn new skills and take on challenges. Learning a new type of workout, like boxing, can help you stay active even when you’re tired of your regular routine. Joining a team sport like kickball or a tennis club can help you stay active without going to the gym, with the added fun of making new friends.

Try signing up for fitness classes in your area to learn different ways of moving your body to keep your mind engaged. Rock climbing can help your problem-solving skills and provide a strong shoulder and chest workout. Signing up for a class can also help keep you accountable for working out, even when you want to skip a day. Additionally, working with a personal trainer can help you avoid planning your own workouts and gives you a reason to get into the gym.

4.    Watch something while you workout

Introducing some additional entertainment to your workout can also help motivate you. Bring a tablet to the gym or set up your workout in front of the television to watch your favorite television shows while you work out. This way, you don’t have to schedule a time to watch the latest episode because you can enjoy it while fitting in a low-impact cardio workout, like walking on the treadmill.

You can often complete arm workouts, core workouts, and chest workouts while watching television because you can stay facing one direction. Keeping your mind engaged by watching something you enjoy can make your workout go by faster and make you feel more accomplished when you’re through.

5.    Hit the sauna

Spending a few minutes in the sauna has many of the same health benefits as working out. Sitting in the sauna can help you raise your heart rate, sweat out toxins, release stress, and burn calories when you aren’t feeling up to an entire workout. It can also help loosen your muscles so you’re ready to tackle your next workout.

6.    Work out at home

Working out at home is also a great way to save time and motivate yourself to work out. There are plenty of at-home full-body workouts that you can complete before you go to work or when you get home. You can follow Living Well Balanced on Instagram to get new workout tips and routines that help you build strength and target your desired muscle groups in as little as 15 minutes. We frequently send out at-home workout tips via email, so if you want to know more about how to fit in your workouts without leaving your house, sign up for our email list at the bottom of this webpage.

7.    Get a workout buddy

At Living Well Balanced, we have workout classes and personal trainers who can help you learn how to build a routine and stay accountable to your workout routine. Establishing a routine can be challenging, but it’s easier if you don’t do it alone. Make an appointment with one of our personal trainers to find out how they can help. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call at 212-579-2858 or send an email at info@livingwb.com. Check out our blog for more information about rehabilitative therapies.