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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Treatment Information

No matter what stage we are at in life pelvic floor strengthening is often needed but overlooked. People who can become pregnant often are given minimal resources after the baby comes. The truth is postpartum physical therapy is extremely important in assimilating back into life as a new mom. The health of the mom is just as important as the health of the baby! Becoming a mom is already a major lifestyle change. It doesn’t seem fair to have frequent urination or leakage, painful insertion, and generalized discomfort as a side effect. The best advice for new moms is to see a local pelvic floor provider that can asses their health postpartum and make a plan to strengthen the pelvic muscles.


Pelvic floor physical therapy isn’t just for new moms, it is for anyone having painful sex, pain upon bathroom usage, frequent urination, frequent leaking or generalized pain. Sexual health plays a huge role in our wellbeing. In the past decade, there has been increasing attention to the importance of addressing the concept of sexual health,1–4 with the premise that promotion of sexual health has great potential to complement traditional disease control and prevention efforts for a range of conditions of public health. Pelvic Floor Therapy is an all encompassing experience that provides a safe space to treat pelvic discomfort no matter where it shows up in your life. Book an appointment today!