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Rocksteady Boxing

Let's Fight Back Against Parkinson's!

At Living Well Balanced, we believe in the power of determination, community, and the sweet science of boxing to empower those living with Parkinson’s disease. Our mission is to improve the physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals facing this challenging condition through specialized boxing workouts and a supportive network, we’re here to help you fight back against Parkinson’s.

What is Rocksteady Boxing?

Rocksteady Boxing is a unique exercise program designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease. Rock Steady Boxing, (RSB) the first and only boxing program of its kind in the country, was founded in Indianapolis in 2006 by former Marion County Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman, who is living with Parkinson’s. RSB gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing-based fitness curriculum. Since 2006 RSB has grown to over 126 affiliates in the US and internationally! By focusing on agility, balance, strength, and coordination, our workouts are tailored to address the specific challenges posed by Parkinson’s disease.

Our Approach

Parkinson’s disease can present a range of physical and mental challenges, but research has shown that exercise can have a positive impact on symptom management. Our boxing-inspired workouts are not only effective for improving mobility and strength, but they also boost confidence and provide a sense of achievement.

Dealing with Parkinson’s can be isolating, but at Living Well Balanced, you’re never alone. Although you have the choice of a private or semi-private class, you’ll find a community that’s ready to cheer you on, share experiences, and inspire each other to keep pushing forward. Make sure to follow our Rocksteady Boxing Facebook page for educational and inspirational content and to be a part of our growing community!

Our trainers are experienced and certified in working with individuals with Parkinson’s disease. They understand the unique challenges you face and can provide the guidance needed to ensure your safety and progress!

Meet Our Rocksteady Boxing Trainer!

Gerry Pinzon

RSB Trainer

Join us in the fight against Parkinson's with Rocksteady Boxing. Empower yourself, connect with others, and find the strength to face each round of life head-on.