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Stretch Therapy

Treatment Information

A stretching session is your opportunity to extend your body’s capabilities. It will improve not only how you move but how you feel! Through our proven techniques – a combination of dynamic stretching and myofascial release we personalize your session just for you. Everyone’s body is different. We carry stress and tightness in different muscles and parts of the body. Our program is designed to meet your unique needs by removing muscle tension, enhancing your posture and flexibility, increasing your energy, and improving the effectiveness of your fitness routine or training. A sample of stretches we target are low back stretches, hamstring stretche, hip stretches, low back stretches, and yoga stretches.

Stretching has endless benefits, but some of the most notable are improved energy levels and stress-relief. It also improves the quality of your sleep therefore giving you the energy needed to get through a day happily! It’s no secret that stretching can prevent injury as well as reduce muscle soreness after a workout. Increase your overall wellness and join our holistic health approach. Make your appointment today – it’s time you relaxed!