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Dr. Perry Ricci

Chiropractor, D.C.

Dr. Perry Ricci is a Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and Clinical
Nutritionist. He also holds a national certification in posture and controlled motion exercise as a
CPEP, Certified Posture Exercise Professional. He has over 42 years of clinical experience in
treating spine related disorders as well as prevention & rehabilitation training for the seniors,
athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are interested in performance enhancement and injury
risk reduction.
Dr. Ricci feels that clear communication and practice member education is integral to creating
successful clinical outcomes. One of his guiding principles is “Everyone, young, middle aged or
older, needs to have a healthy, high-functioning spine if they plan on enjoying a long, healthy,
vibrantly active life with fewer health challenges, less need for drugs and fewer surgeries.” This
statement is not just hyperbole, it’s a reality for many practice members who initially came to
Living Well Balanced Physical Therapy & Chiropractic seeking relief from some condition, but
stayed for health & wellness.
During his years in practice, Dr. Ricci has treated thousands of individuals with a wide variety of
health challenges. At Living Well Balanced, he works closely with other health & fitness
specialists, including Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors and Personal
Trainers. Dr Ricci is willing to consult with any future or current practice member’s neurologist,
internist, orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists or podiatrist, to insure the highest
degree of safety and treatment efficacy. One of the main objectives at Living Well Balanced is
to accommodate, to the best of our ability, each practice member’s individual needs as they
travel on their personal journey to being the best they can be, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.