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Personal Training Director

I was introduced to the world of fitness in high school where I got my start training as a distance runner and swimmer. In college I started strength training and began powerlifting. I immediately fell in love with the idea of trying to move as much weight as your body can handle. Powerlifting has been my personal focus ever since.

Training others and developing routines began as a hobby, at the time mostly just to help friends, family and coworkers manage their health.I decided to turn my passion into a career in 2019. I received my personal trainer certification from NASM and began my own private training career. While training privately I also began working commercially for Equinox which helped to push my fitness education even further.

I believe that a true healthy lifestyle needs to be built up through multiple disciplines and the practices here lined up well with that mentality. I specialize in strength training geared toward maximal strength. In the past I have trained for marathons and have since developed training programs for runners as well.